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Parent/Student Resources

Enrollment Process
  • A student can be referred to ASPIRE by a counselor or administrator at his or her current school
  • A student or parent can seek enrollment to ASPIRE
  • A student can be referred to our Alternative School by the DCSD Board of Trustees if a student is expelled from his or her current school

Regardless of the referral, every student who is interested in attending AAHS must fill out a student application and attend a student/parent intake meeting to make sure that ASPIRE is the right fit. Our expectations for effort, behavior, and attendance are extremely high. Therefore, a commitment contract is required to be signed by both the student and the parent in order for a student to be enrolled.

ASPIRE does offer resources, services and support for students in need of special education although not every type of service on the continuum may be available at this site. Please be sure to call us if there are specific questions about an IEP or particular need.

Bell Schedule
Block 1: 1st/2nd Period 7:20AM   -   9:20AM
Break 9:20AM   -   9:30AM
Block 2: 3rd/4th Period 9:30AM   - 11:03AM
LUNCH 11:03AM - 11:33PM
VC: Fifth Period 11:33AM - 12:13PM
Block 3: 7th/6th Period 12:13PM -  1:45 PM